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So you have finally decided to build that deck that you have been talking about for the last few years.  There is a lot you need to get right in deck construction, and that means solid planning and research.  Before you even call a contractor for a deck estimate, you should do some research on decking material options.  There are a lot of different decking options but we will start with comparing different decking materials.  By the end of the article, you should be closer to making an informed decision on which decking material is the best for your new deck.


Pressure Treated Decking Material Review

Lasting about 15 years, treated decking is the least expensive and most common type of decking material.  But naturally it comes with the most drawbacks.  It is by far the least attractive decking material.  Pressure treated decks will look great for the first year and then inevitably the problems will start to arrive.  Pressure treated decks will lose moisture over time which creates warping, cupping, and splintering.  The phrase “you get what you pay for” couldn’t be anymore true when it comes to pressure treated decks.  However, for many people they just want a plain, simple, and inexpensive deck which makes pressure treated decking the best option. More on pressure treated decks.


Cedar Decking Material Review

Cedar is the best deck material for purist.  If you prefer the look of natural wood then build a cedar deck.  Cedar decking material is known for its natural beauty, natural durability, and superior aesthetics. Cedar has its own built-in preservative that resists decay and insect attack. This is natural quality is better than pressure treated wood which use chemicals to provide the same function.  Cedar decking has the lowest rate of shrinkage and movement compared to other decking materials.  Cedar decks lay flat and are less prone to shrinkage, cupping and splitting.  There is still a lot of maintenance required with cedar decks.  But if you are willing to tend to your cedar deck, it will stay looking beautiful for many years.  More on Cedar decks.


best deck material reviewsComposite Decking Material Reviews

If near-zero maintenance is your goal, buy composite decking. But be ready to pay much more for composite deck materials compared to real wood decks. Composite decking is made from recycled plastic and sawdust.  There are a variety of different composite decking materials and some composites do a very good job of mimicking the look of natural wood.  Composites come in a wide range of different colors.  With composite decking no waterproofing, sanding or staining is involved.  So you can enjoy your deck instead of working on your deck if you choose composite for your decking material.  Timber Tech decking is the best composite decking material.


Ipe Decking Material Reviews

Ipe (aka ironwood) is by far the best decking material if you are not concerned with price.  Ipe is imported from Brazil which adds to the price.  Ipe is referred to as one of the hardest woods known to man. Ipe will outlast any other decking products on the market. Due to the Ipe’s ultra hardness your contractor should be a specialist in installing Ipe decks.  You don’t want just any deck contractor to build your Ipe deck.  Ipe is prized for its stability, durability, and strength. Furthermore, Ipe has natural resistance to decay, wet conditions, and infestation by termites or other insects.  Ipe has a Class A fire rating, the same rating given to concrete and steel.


PVC/Azek Decking Material Reviews

Azek decking is very similar to composite decking only better and more expensive.  Azek is often confused with composite but it is actually made of PVC. The PVC in the Azek decking makes it unbelievable stain resistant. Even spilled wine, fruit punch, and hamburger grease are no match for AZEK deck’s stain resistance. And since Azek decks are scratch resistant, you won’t have to worry about marks from patio furniture or pets.  Azek offers decking that resembles the warm, vibrant tones of exotic wood. We build more Azek decks than any other decking material.


So Which Deck Material is the Best?

There is no perfect choice for decking material. They all have tradeoffs. Azek decks are the most popular deck choice, but even Azek decks are not going to be liked by everyone.  Figure out what deck material characteristics are most important to you, then make your selection based on that.  Best of luck on trying to find the best decking material for your new deck.


Outdoor Living With Your New Deck

Which ever decking material you decide to use, you will now be able to more fully enjoy your new outdoor space.  You now no longer have to be the only one on the block without a deck to enjoy. Joint the outdoor movement!


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