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Always aesthetically pleasing cedar decking

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Cedar deck built in Grade-A cedar decking (Virtually knot free)

Cedar decks are known for their rich color and natural beauty.  It is hard to beat the look of a newly constructed cedar deck.  Cedar decks are not pumped full of chemicals or preservatives like pressure treated decks.  A huge advantage to cedar decks is that they are naturally resistant to rot, decay and harmful insects.  TBG has built many cedar decks throughout SE Wisconsin and has become the leading deck builder in the Milwaukee, WI area.

Cedar decks are beautiful but soft

A cedar deck is better than pressure treated decking in almost every category.  A drawback of cedar decking versus pressure treated decking is that cedar is softer than pressure treated wood.  So it is more susceptible to scratches from pets or deck furniture.  However, there is an easy solution to this potential problem of cedar deck scratching. You can have your new cedar deck stained with clear, transparent stain.  This way if your dog or deck furniture makes any scratches, at least the scratch will be less noticeable since it is the same color as the deck.  Scratches would be a much bigger concern if you stained the deck a different color than the natural cedar color making the scratch much more obvious.  Furthermore, I usually suggest staining cedar decks with transparent stain anyway because I believe it looks the best.  Clear stain allows the natural beauty of cedar to be on display.  Scratches are also a big concern in composite decking.  But there is no quick remedy for hiding scratches in composite decks.


Cedar deck maintenance

Unlike composite decking, cedar decking is a natural wood.  Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of natural wood.  Real wood is much less expensive than composite decking material.  Although it does require annual maintenance.  If you cannot stay dedicated to the upkeep of your cedar decking, than cedar is not for you.  Every year or two you will have to power-wash, sand, and stain your cedar deck.  With the money you saved on cedar decking versus composite decking, you can easily afford to have your deck maintained by a professional for several years before you reach the cost of what a composite deck would have cost.  Composite decks may not require annual maintenance, but to purist they are considered “soulless decks”.  If you want to enjoy outdoor living on your deck, choose a natural material like cedar for your decking.  Your cedar deck will look great for many years as long as pay close attention to deck maintenance.


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Regular grade cedar decking installed with hidden deck fasteners.

Cost to build a cedar deck in Milwaukee, WI Area

The amazing look of cedar decking does come with a cost.  There are many factors that effect the price of cedar decking.  But to have a quality contractor, like TBG, build your new cedar deck expect to pay $22-$30/square foot.


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TBG builds more cedar decks than any other contractor in the Milwaukee, WI area.  If you are looking for the best deck building contractor than contact us today.  We offer free deck quotes in SE Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee, WI area.  We look forward to building your new cedar deck for your entire family to enjoy!