The Bowles Group, LLC (TBG) (TBG Decking) offers warranties on decks built by TBG at no extra charge.  We build everything the right way, so it is easy for us to back-up our decks with a warranty.  Please be wary of other deck contractors who are unwilling to give a warranty on the deck building services that they provide.


10 Year Limited Structural Deck Warranty

TBG Decking warrants all structural work to be constructed within the guidelines of Wisconsin Building Codes pertaining to the location of the deck structure, and to be free from defects which would compromise the integrity of the deck structure for a period of 10 years following the date of deck completion. If deck structural failure occurs during this 10 year time frame following the date of deck completion, and it is determined to be a direct result of poor construction on the part of TBG Decking, then TBG will repair or replace, at the discretion of TBG or pay a qualified sub-contractor chosen by TBG to repair or replace any damage resulting thereof.


90 Day Cosmetic Deck Warranty

TBG Decking warrants all cosmetic items to be free from defects including excessive warping, breaking, knot holes, looseness, or stains for a period of ninety days after the date of deck completion. If excessive cracking, breaking, knot holes, looseness, or stains, of any cosmetic items occur within a ninety day period following the date of deck completion, TBG will replace or repair at no labor cost (materials will be at owners cost.)


Deck Warranty Excludes The Following:

  • Any defects that are not a direct result of poor workmanship of TBG Decking will not be covered.  i.e – TBG is not responsible for defects in the manufacturing aspects of the wood.  So if there is a problem with the wood manufacturer, this is something that is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty but not TBG Decking.  TBG Decking is backing our direct work only.
  • Natural disasters are excluded from the deck warranty.  i.e. If your deck is damaged by a tornado don’t call us.  Call your home owners insurance agent. 
  • Normal decking wear and tear is excluded for the deck warranty.  i.e. Support post and beams naturally loose moisture overtime which is a process known as “checking”.  Checking is a normal drying process.  The support post and beams will remain strong during checking, but may look unsightly. There is nothing TBG can do to stop this natural deck process from happening so it is excluded in the deck warranty.
  • Due to the nature of pressure treated lumber decks to warp, split and crack, all pressure treated decks have no cosmetic warranty. However, the structural warranty fully applies for all decks.  i.e. TBG Decking already knows that pressure treated deck will begin to look unsightly over time.  This is why pressure treated wood is a cheaper material and why we suggest choosing a more quality finish material to get the desired deck results. 


Building The Best Decks In Milwaukee, WI Area & Backing It Up!

It is easy for TBG Decking to offer deck warranties because we build all of our decks the right way!  This is why we are a leading deck builder in the Milwaukee, WI area. Contact us today for a free deck estimate.