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TBG Deck Builders builds more composite decks than any other contractor in the Milwaukee, WI area. If you are going to invest in expensive composite materials, then you need a contractor with the experience to build your deck the right way. If you are looking for the best deck building contractor than contact us today. We offer free deck quotes in SE Wisconsin and the greater Milwaukee, WI area. We look forward to building your new cedar deck for your entire family to enjoy!

Composite Decking Is Virtually Maintenance Free

Most homeowners want to enjoy their new deck and not have to worry about deck maintenance. This is exactly what composite decking does for these lucky home homers. However, some composite are better than others and there is a wide range in price. You definitely get what you pay for when it comes to composite material. If you get the cheapest composite, you may be unhappy with the look after a few years. But the most expensive composite decks will hold up as advertised as being very low maintenance. Timber Tech composite decking is considered to be the best composite deck.

Composite Decking Shortcomings

In the early days of composite decks there were mistakes that were made and lessons learned. If your neighbor has had a problem with their composite deck that they built 5 years ago, that should not deter you from building a composite deck. Many of the bad composite deck building manufacturers have gone out of business. We use Timber Tech the most for our clients who would like to build a composite deck.

Cost To Build A Composite Deck

The amazing look of composite decking does come with a cost. There are many factors
that effect the price of composite decking. But to have a quality contractor like TBG Decking build your new composite deck expect to pay $28-$35/square foot.

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Superior deck construction and exceeding expectations has and always will be our main priority. Contact us today if you would like a custom built deck built by TBG Deck Builders.

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